8th Grade: Week 5 (4/28 – 5/5)

The next 2 distance learning lessons are in this post. (For even days, this is Tuesday 4/28 and Thursday 4/30. Odd days, this is Wednesday 4/29 and Tuesday 5/5.) **NOTE THERE IS NO CLASS FRIDAY, MAY 1ST OR MONDAY, MAY 4TH.**  If you need additional time to work on these things, PLEASE try to email me prior to the due dates. However, given the current circumstances, I understand if you are unable to email me before things are due, but please contact me if you need an extension.

Lesson 11 (4/28 & 4/29)

Task 1: Intro Video


Task 2: Desmos Check-In

Check Google Classroom for your class code.


Task 3: Spiral Worksheet

Do 7 of the 9 problems on this worksheet. You do NOT need to do the entire thing.

DUE: Tuesday, 5/5 at 11:59 pm.

Please make sure you follow ALL directions. (If it asks you to explain your answer, explain your answer. Show all work!)

Show all work on a separate sheet of paper. Upload and submit in Google Classroom.

Lesson 12 (4/30 & 5/5)

Task 1: Video Lesson

Click the button below to download a blank copy of the SMART Board notes. If you have a printer at home, you could print them off to follow along during the video.


Click below to access the SMART Notebook of the lesson.


Here are the notes we would have filled in if we were together in class. If you want to use them for more practice, click the button below. This is optional. You do not need to turn this in to me. I wanted to provide you with more problems to practice if you wanted.

Click the button below to get a filled in copy of the notes with the answers and work shown.


Task 2: Practice

Continue working on your Spiral Worksheet.

Desmos: Check Google Classroom for the code. This is the same activity I talked about in the video. Due: Monday, May 11th.

You are now finished with the work for Week 5! Nice work! If you have any questions, please email me (gbergman@isd485.org).

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